Front Lit Channel Letter

Channel lettering is a three-dimensional advertising approach that can add to the visual appeal of your business and significantly increase customer traffic.. Here at Premier Signs N Graphix, We offer custom design and manufacturing services for channel letter signs and front-lit signs that can enhance the appearance of your business. Nothing can showcase your business name more attractively than a customized channel letter or front-lit sign. To learn more about these signage options, please continue reading below.  Contact our team at (954) 457-9297 to schedule a free consultation with our sign design professionals today!

About Front Lit Signs

A front-lit sign refers to a sign made up of channel letters that are illuminated from inside. These channel letters are typically custom-made from metal or plastic and are often internally lit. When not lit, they are referred to as dimensional letters. Due to their dimensionality, they are a great option for businesses with physical locations, providing a visible and tasteful choice.

For maximum visibility during all hours, many businesses opt for front-lit signs, which are also important for sign visibility after daytime hours.  (Other options for illuminated channel letter signs are back lit/reverse channel letter signs, also offered by our sign manufacturers at Premier Signs N Graphix.) One of the most popular signage options for businesses across industries are front-lit channel letter signs, which are highly visible during both daytime and nighttime.

Custom Channel Letter and Front Lit Sign Design and Manufacturing

If you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your business by adding an illuminated or un-illuminated channel letter sign, Premier Signs N Graphix’s custom design and manufacturing team is the perfect choice. We offer custom services for every stage of the sign creation process – from design consultation to manufacturing to installation – to deliver a high-quality end product that will help transform the face of your business. The available features for business or retail channel lettering include:

  • Standard front lit format
  • LED
  • Daytime appeal through dimensionality
  • Nighttime appeal through illumination

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Premier Signs N Graphix is available to discuss your interest in channel letters or any of our other products. We serve customers throughout Southern Florida, including Broward County. You can trust us to provide consultations, design services, and manufacturing for a variety of businesses and individuals. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our services. Give us a call at (954) 358-3386 for free consultation and estimate today!

We proudly serve all of South Florida with front lit channel letter sign design and construction services. To learn more and to speak with one of our sign professionals, contact our team at (954) 457-9297 today!


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