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Channel Letters/Front Lit

Standard channel letters are typically made from aluminum. A flat sheet of aluminum is cut by a computer-controlled router table to create the back of the letter and form its shape. The “returns” of the letter are made by bending and forming a strip of aluminum sheet, which is three to six inches in width around the aluminum back. This return is then welded or riveted to the back to create a solid “can” in the shape of the letter or graphic. Once the letter can has been fabricated, it is painted and fitted with LED modules. To finish the letter can, a 1/8″ thick sheet of acrylic is cut to create a plastic face. A trim cap is then applied to the edges of the acrylic face to give it a nice border. At night, the acrylic is front illuminated by LED’s to give a pleasant lighted letter.

Reverse Channel Letters/Back Lit

This type of letter has a face made of aluminum, with the lighting directed towards the back. At night, this light floods the wall on which the letter is mounted, creating a negative space. This style of letter is also referred to as “halo letters”.

Indoor or Outdoor Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters are a type of lettering that is not illuminated and can be formed or fabricated. They are often used for lower profile identification and are typically more affordable than illuminated or channel letters. Dimensional letters can be made from a variety of materials, including  Acrylic, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Formed Plastic Letters. They are a great option for indoor applications, and can also be used for outdoor signs. Non-illuminated letters made from these materials can last for years, providing durability and service.

Monument Signs

A monument sign is a type of detached, freestanding sign that has a proportionate solid base or structural frame. It’s also known as a ground sign or a low profile sign, and is typically installed close to the ground. Monuments are usually recognized for their sturdy base and can be internally or externally illuminated.

Pole Signs

Free standing signs are those installed in or directly on the ground where the primary structural support is not a building, but rather uprights, braces, columns, poles, or other vertical members. Common examples of free standing signs include pole signs, pylon signs, and monument signs.

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