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Why an Outdoor Sign?

It has been proven time and time again that outdoor advertising is the most cost effective way to reach a desired target audience. Outdoor advertising is the best way to make the biggest impact possible. As society becomes more mobile the outdoor audience increases. The statistics are staggering. Presently over 125 million Americans commute to work daily while driving 3.4 trillion miles annually. The number of personal vehicles on the road has increase 147% in the last twenty years. Couple the staggering statistics of Americans driving patterns with the multiple corporate outdoor advertising case studies and its plain to see why outdoor advertising is the most effective.

How much money will my sign make me?

What are you willing to do to make more money? It is impossible to improve your business without some sort of change occurring. It is important to examine where NEW customers come from. A recent survey was conducted of over 5500 independent (one location) businesses nationwide. The business owners had recently installed a new sign (within the proceeding 12 months.) Each business asked a sample of 40 new customers, “How did you hear about my business?” Fifty-two percent (52%) of the people surveyed entered the business for the first time because of the sign.

Why do I need a sign for my business?

There are many reasons, the most primary of these being:

  • Signs are the most effective, yet least expensive form of advertising for the business sector
  • A sign is your introduction and handshake with those passing by, identifying your business to existing and potential customers
  • Signs are always “on the job” for you, advertising 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • People often judge a business by how a sign looks

Many merchants increase their business measurably just by adding a good sign. Conversely, many have gone out of business because they simply were not identified well, so not enough potential customers knew of their existence. As one sign industry professional put it, “A business without a sign is a sign of no business.” We live in a mobile society and according to the United States Census Bureau, 18% of households relocate each year. As your customers move, you need to replace them by attracting new customers.

What is the most effective sign for my business?

The answer here will vary somewhat depending on your business, location, and other factors. In general, following these guidelines will increase the effectiveness of your sign:

  • The best sign for your business is a sign that will attract the most customers and project the image you desire
  • Your sign must be visible and easy to read for people who are driving and walking past your business
  • Your sign must be attractive and appropriate for your type of business
  • A sign will serve to remind existing customers of your business and location, and provide new customers with a valuable visual indicator about the products or services you offer
  • Your sign should be as large as possible

Do I need an illuminated sign?

Yes, we no longer live in a 9-to-5 society, and people will drive past your business location 24 hours a day. With a lighted sign, you have an opportunity to communicate with your existing and potential customer, even when your business is closed. Large corporations create “top of the mind awareness” when they constantly and consistently present their name, corporate logos, and products until their name becomes a household word and their corporate logos or graphics become synonymous with the corporation’s name. With a lighted sign on display 24 hours a day, the small business owner has the opportunity to create a “top of mind awareness” in their local community.

Take a look at two of our most popular lighted sign options:

What is the cost of a sign?

Signage is the least expensive, yet most effective, form of advertising for independent and national retail businesses:

  • You pay for the sign once and it works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for years
  • Use of other media requires paying month after month and you never have the benefit of ownership
  • You also have no assurance that you’re reaching potential customers
  • From a business owner’s perspective, a sign should not be viewed as an expense, but as a capital investment. When you factor in your return on investment, signs are not expensive. An effective sign will most likely pay for itself many times over
  • The price for signage will vary greatly depending upon the size, design, style, manufacturer, and mounting type

How can I determine whether my current sign is effective, or what should be changed?

As with measuring a new sign’s effectiveness, evaluating your existing signage will require assessing readership. Sign companies often offer this service; however you can also conduct simple “customer surveys” in which you ask your customers a series of questions about your existing signage, such as the words, colors, and size, and whether they can even recall what it looks like from memory. Open discussions like this, with your customers, will provide valuable insights. You may discover that customers remember the graphic or image on the sign, but not the business name, or maybe it’s the color that stands out in their memory. Listen closely and carefully, because these are answers that can help you determine not only the effectiveness of your existing sign but also suggestions about what you might do differently with a new sign.

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